How to watch 2018 Winter Olympics Live Online Free

The 2018 Pyeong Chang Olympic Games will be on NBC again this year. Since NBC signed a contract until 2020, it was actually one of the biggest deals signed by the network. This was agreed on 2011. It was a huge contract signed between the International Olympic Committee with NBC. The figure was $4.38 billion contract that they both agreed on so NBC can broadcast. NBC Olympics Live made a profit of course because of the televised sports event. In fact, the main purpose and reason, you do want to learn how to watch 2018 Winter Olympics Live on NBC is because it will be record breaking once again. If you are like millions around the world, you’ll be watching the televised NBC Olympics live event too.

nbc olympics live The first one of the Winter Olympics was held as the 1924 Winter Olympics. It was in Chamonix, France. The Olympic Winter Games became the official name in French it means “Jeux olympiques d’hiver” and it’s a one of the major international events in sports. When it comes out on NBC Live Broadcasting, you’ll see why. Snow sports practiced on ice and snow is considered extreme. It’s held once every four years.

Watching a historical event 2018 Winter Olympics Live on NBC

There are many people who will be watching it on television. Like most families and sports gurus, they are aware of the importance of the sport because it’s a global event. Those watching it with their friends and family at home will likely have two other ways to watch it and that could be in the digital format. In this case, this brings more people online watching as well. Because of the availability with online streaming, NBC Olympics will be viewed by millions once again. At any rate, NBC has broadcasted the Summer Olympic Games beginning in 1988. The broadcast of the Winter Olympic Games broadcasted on NBC during the 2002 games.

The Original Five Sports for the Winter Olympic Games yet the are broken down to nine different disciplines

  • Skating consisting of figure skating and speed skating
  • Bob sleighing
  • Curling
  • Ice Hockey
  • Nordic Skiing (military patrol, cross-country skiing, Nordic combined and ski-jumping)

Digital format of NBC Olympics Live

Those who are unfortunate in not being near a television at the time of the events have the digital format opportunity. They can easily go to a local sports bar or club where owners may have a special event televised for their customers. Food and beverage aren’t optional for clientele since this goes with the fun of being a spectator watching the Winter Games. The excitement is in the events to watch others. Even if you’re watching it with strangers, you seem to feel like you’ve known them all your life.

The Setting of Olympics Live

The Olympics Live setting is a record breaking viewing event for the past 3 years. When the opening ceremonies draw the most view, it was calculated that the Summer Olympics opening ceremonies in 2012 was the highest at 41 million viewers and it hit 21.0 Nielsen ratings respectively. The Olympic Games will return to the networks the first week of the digital platforms of NBC Universal became an asset for the network.

Some of the stats for this is that Asians (85%) had watched the Winter games compared to the Superbowl. In fact, Asians watched it more compared to the lower percentage of African American and Hispanic population in the US watching the Winter Olympics in the 2010 Nielsen ratings. In fact, that same year, there were more than 114 million people who viewed the Olympics that were from the West Central region. Compared to the audiences from the East Central, Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, and Pacific coast, the West actually had more viewers.


The 2018 Winter Olympic Games will air live at the end of the first week of February like the rest of than half of the world will be watching Olympics Live. Women watch more winter games than men do. It’s reversed in ration for viewing the Superbowl. In fact, with the winter Olympics are dominantly women according to the Nielsen ratings in 2010. Today, it’s risen for women. It will be broadcasted on NBC, NBCSN and on the major networks of NBC Universal. You’ll be able to see the detailed TV listings on the NBC Olympics website.

Olympics Live 2018 to stream live and on digital formats will televised throughout the world

How to watch the Winter Olympics Live online

You want to watch the winter Olympics in high definition. In fact, it’s rated that households will more than likely be watching if they have high definition. Watching the NBC Olympics will be spectacular and you already know the fireworks and color displays will be over the top. The entertainment industry has a huge role in the live telecast with past top performers like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elton John and many other entertainers from all over the world. Therefore, high definition is a common element in the viewing of the NBC Olympics.

Every Olympic event viewed and streamed live and on-demand.

It’s the top television sport events in the nation and watched by millions globally. It’ll be an exciting live broadcast. There’s been other sports events that have had large audiences too but not as much as the Olympics. Watching the historical event on plus with the many videos and highlights that go along with the event will give you a great feeling.

Here are the other most watched televised sports and some of the them on NBC Live.

  • Superbowl (2012) – 111.3 million and a rating of 47.0
  • The Olympics (2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies) – 40.7 million viewers and a rating of 21.0
  • World Series (average for 4-game 2012 series) – 12.6 million viewers and a rating of 7.6 rating
  • NBA Finals (average for 5-game 2012 series) – 16.9 million viewers and a rating of 10.1
  • The Masters (final round ratings for 2012) – 13.5 million viewers and a rating of 8.0
  • NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship – 35.1 million viewers tuned in for that event. In 1979 the most watched televised basketball game the finals with two major components on the court. It was the classic Magic Johnson and Michigan State top player Larry Bird and Indiana State.
  • The Olympics – (2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies) 40.7 million viewers and a rating of 21.0 rating
  • FIFA World Cup Soccer (U.S. audience for 2010 U.S. vs. England match) 12.9 million viewers and a rating of 7.3

NBC Sports has an app for the Olympics Live 2018. All audiences can watch it on their tablets and connected television by downloading the app. Viewers can also watch it on their mobile device by downloading the NBC Sports app.

Every Olympic event will be available with the stream live. It’s have the video and the highlighted events and interviews of the NBC Olympics as well. NBC Sports Olympics Live Scheduling has an amazing lineup for the Winter Olympics. You ultimately need to see it.

It’s always been custom for competition to kick off with the opening ceremony. Yet the games kick off on Thursday, Feb. 8th which is the day before the ceremony. Since the ceremony is on Friday, Feb. 9th it gives the chance for everyone to get ready for the huge worldly event.

– See more information for the TV listings here
– Here’s the live streaming schedule

The closing ceremony will be on Sunday, February 25th. Consequently, the closing schedule will have just about the same vibe (but more egos felt “in the air”)

Finally, whatever country your rooting for, you’ll enjoy the meaning of world wide sports. Indeed, the multi camera setup should be watched from the beginning of the ceremonies to the closing ceremonies. Watch the full live stream schedule on the NBC Olympics online. You’ll be able to view your favorite Winter Olympic event and stream all the action coming from South Korea on